Monday, October 14, 2013

School daze

There are certain things I should have learned by now in this life which continue to evade my grasp. Among those truths is this: statements of certainty and confirmation will inevitably be shredded at the first possible convenience.

In other words, the day after I wrote about my futile and failed search for a teaching job was the day before I was hired at a middle school in Harlem. The last month and a half has been dominated by the terrifying demands and stresses involved with teaching math to eighty seventh graders - or, really, trying to get them to settle in and pay attention so that I might try to do that.

It's what I've been working towards doing for a very long time. It is also incredibly frustrating and exhausting. Keeping up with the motor world, and putting down thoughts about it here, have become marginal issues in the face of this massive responsibility.

I'll be dropping in details about certain things here every now and then, especially as I start a legitimate search for commuter wheels. But longer-form works may be on hold for a while as I deal with more important and immediate issues.

So that's been why this is so quiet lately. It's great, but it's also ridiculous, but it's also life. And as much as this is about a very real part of life, there are other parts.

Will keep everyone posted.

Oh, and if anyone has anything interesting for sale for less than like five thousand, let me know.