Friday, January 18, 2013

Honda Gear: Dreams - and memories, and wishes

Okay, a divergence from yesterday's mission statement but too good to ignore:


Just when you think they'd completely forgotten about how they were the greatest mainstream car company ever and turned into just another boring appliance maker, Honda goes and cooks up the Gear.

No real idea why they chose to drop it in Montreal instead of Detroit - didn't want to completely outshine all those boring Acuras? - but God,'s a Honda.

It's only a styling exercise for now, but somehow that shape promises so much - simplicity, eagerness, frugality without dreariness. The PR people are making exactly the right noises about its intentions: inexpensive without being dull, fun without forgetting about practicality. It's like the early - real - Civics that made the company's reputation brought back from exile. It's exactly what Honda should have been making all along and needs to make again.

I want one. As it sits. Use the Fit drivetrain, keep everything simple and light....

It's wonderful.


  1. Unlike pretty much everything Honda has pooped out since 2000 or so, I think Soichiro himself would approve of this.

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